Monday, April 26, 2010

Neytiri Sexy Avatar Costume

Neytiri Sexy Avatar Costume

Neytiri Warrior Princess

Neytiri a Warrior Princess in the movie Avatar is the daughter of King and Queen of the Omaticayan People of Pandora also known as Navi. She is the one that finds Jake Sully in the forest and at first tries to kill him and later ends up saving him and bringing him to her Home Tree which is where her people dwell. Home Tree is also located above the largest Unobtanium deposit on the planet and the main reason the Resource Development Administration (RDA) has come to this planet. Unobtanium is a mineral that can save Earth from its energy crisis and it is up to Jake who works for the RDA to ease the Navi people and build relations with them in order to obtain these resources.

Jake is a wounded soldier paraplegic that had recently lost his twin brother and is offered to take the place of his brother Tom's place in The Avatar Program. He accepts the offer and soon sets out to a Pandora a Planet many light years away from earth. He doesn't realize the life changing events he will witness and is eventually engulfed by the young female princess Neytiri personality and beauty.

After Neytiri brings Jake to her people she is instructed to teach him their ways and customs although some do not feel this is the best choice they respect the elders decision as the King says it is Eywa's will and declares a decree to his people to accept him. The Princess spends all her efforts into teaching Jake everything there is to know about her people and the two of them go on many quests and missions together as part of his training. Jake catches on fast and soon gains the trust of many of the warriors as he experiences ceremonies and is brought to there most sacred places.

Neytiri grows fond of Jake and bonds with him over the course of time at a special ceremony she tells him that he can chose a woman and his choice is Neytiri. As time is running out Jake must make a decision between what he believes is right and wrong, from what he feels in his heart and from what his objective and responsibility to the RDA are. Jake is torn he is to be perceived as a traitor either way but soon the story unfolds and the Battle For Pandora is underway.

Neytiri rejects Jake, not sure of his true intentions or which side his loyalty lies. During a attack Neytiri loses her parents and the Omaticayan people must flee Home Tree and relocate to the Tree of Souls only to be pursued and hunted again from the military force RDA has built there. The Final Battle is approaching and the future of earth and the future of Neytiri and Jake are in fates hands.